Annual Subscription

Your amazing and visually educational Annual Subscription to ‘Live on the Farm’ will give you exclusive access to four webcams cunningly positioned in our wonderful animal pens for a year, with reoccurring payments taken annually. View our animals from some incredible angles, LIVE from the park! This magical opportunity gives you & your family the chance to watch the secret behavior & habits of our furry & feathery friends from you very own home! Get comfy & tune in anytime you like. The children LOVE it! The cameras will be live for a minimum of 12hrs a day, estimated between 7am & 7pm daily to fit in with your busy schedule. And some furry access will be available for 24hrs a day! The cameras will be moved to new furry & feathery friends regularly & you may even be asked to vote for who you’d like to see next, maybe ponies, piggies or lambs? We are working closely with our cam partners at Bournemouth Digital & value your thoughts on the four camera feeds in these early days of broadcasting!

We will be holding competitions & promotions based on the content of the live coverage from time to time & you & your family will ultimately become part of the brand new Farmer Palmers Live on the Farm Family! What fun!